Dare To Care Face Mask

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You've asked for a stylish, reusable and sustainable alternative you can wear instead of the disposable face masks, and here you have it: a double layered, fully washable cotton mask to cover your nose and mouth in public or to use them over your N95s.

Special features:

  • it comes with a hidden pocket on the inside where you can insert an additional layer of protection and filters
  • the wire in the top edge is perfect if you wear glasses, because it can be easily adjusted to your face and the glasses won't steam up. You can remove the nose wire (please do so every time before washing!) and insert it again in the tunnel on the inside after washing
  • the soft elastic on both sides holds the mask behind your ears, if you want to adjust it, it has two bartacks you can easily undo and make approximately 2cm longer or tie a knot to shorten the elastic
  • the 100% cotton material is from my very own dead stock. I once planned to make PJs out of the fabric and ordered a few meters. When you wear the mask, you'll see why the fabric never made it in the end;)
  • the mask comes in 2 sizes: medium or large, if you need help deciding, let me know!

Please note: This face mask is not a certified medical product! Use at your own risk and wash it after every use with 60°C or more. I pre-washed the fabric with 90°C twice before making the masks to make sure, they don't shrink when you wash them with high temperatures)

For every sold mask, I will donate €5,- for the long-term residents program of the Viennese animal shelter. Tierschutz Austria has a special donation plan for dogs who have been with them longer than one year. To give them shelter, food and love takes a lot of effort and money. Let's not forget them in times like these and support them together!

You don't want a mask but still feel like giving? Click this link and donate! 

Stay healthy, darling ♥!