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Daniela Paradeis, the designer as a close up portrait picure

Who Is Daniela Paradeis, you ask?

Well, let's start by unravelling the enigma that is me. I'll be candid about many aspects of my life and answer those intriguing queries you've dropped via email and on social meida. Don't hesitate to keep the questions coming and use the chatbox down below on the right, slide in my DMs on instagram or send me an email to info@danielaparadeis.com.

My creative odyssey

My adventure in the world of design began with a high school, that focused in art and design, where I immersed myself in the world of textiles, delving into the intricate world of prints, knits, and wovens. Those years literally provided the canvas for my career. I then ventured into the realm of fashion, enrolling at fashion college, mastering the art of turning those fabrics into tangible -actually fitting- garments.

A diverse journey

My fashion journey has been a captivating one. I've crafted costumes for ballet, cabaret, and operetta. I've transformed used bike tubes into chic bags for a Viennese label. I've had the honor of working behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week for a menswear designer, and I've had my hand in designing an airline uniform. But amidst all of these fascinating experiences, I unearthed my true passion – lingerie.

Daniela Paradeis, the lingerie designer sits on a couch in her atelier, reading a magazine, you see a close up of a bodysuit hanging in the frontEmbracing lingerie

The turning point in my career was when I discovered my love for lingerie. After exploring various niches in the fashion world, my lingerie internship was a genuine "love at first job" moment. Lingerie, for me, is more than just clothing; it's a celebration of the human body and has such a profound psychological impact  on how you feel during the day and especially how you feel in your outerwear. Only if the underwear feels great, you can feel great in your outerwear.

Challenging the austrian market

Creating lingerie in Austria is no cakewalk, but I've always liked a challenge. I design lingerie and swimwear for those who appreciate unique, tailor-made, or limited items from small indie brands and care about the environment. My vision is to cater to those who value locally-made, ethically-sourced, and artisanal outerwear. If we prioritize ethically-made outerwear, why not do the same for our underwear?

In Austria, lingerie often takes a back seat, and many wonder what distinguishes my label from larger lingerie brands and why my lingerie comes at a premium price. My response underscores the craftsmanship, time, and effort invested in creating each piece. My lingerie is made by one single pair of hands: mine! A  labor of love, crafted from ethical and vegan materials sourced from Europe, supporting local businesses, and emphasizing quality and innovation.

Daniela Paradeis, the lingerie and swimwear designer, stands in front of her showroom racket with a hand at her waist

Feminism and lingerie

My perspective on lingerie transcends typical gender norms and sexist stereotypes. I'm passionate about presenting lingerie as a personal, empowering journey. My vision is to portray lingerie as a means of empowering you to feel strong, confident, and comfortable in your bodies.

My designs cater to individuals regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, prioritizing comfort, support, and promoting a positive body image. With an inclusive approach, I encourage everyone to embrace lingerie for themselves, irrespective of their relationship status or body size. My lingerie celebrates the natural forms of every body, helping individuals feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Would you like to see more diverse models on my website and social media and want to model for Daniela Paradeis? Please let me know. The reason you're seeing a few selected faces only is because I am an insanely loyal fangirl to Marina, Madeleine, Nuri, Jasmin, Girlene, Emmy and my other models and love to work with them on a regular basis. If you feel you would be a great addition or know anyone who might love it (and is brave enough to do so), please let me know, I am always open for new faces.

Why so low-key on social media?

You might be wondering why you won't find my face splashed all over social media or starring in video interview extravaganzas. The truth is, I'm a highly sensitive, mostly introverted person, an empath, and a self-proclaimed workaholic (if anyone is into Myers Briggs personalities, we have an INFJ here). I find solace in the quieter corners of life, channeling my energy into creating exceptional designs for you. If that means lower reach and more intimate conversations with my customers, I am all in.

Daniela Paradeis, the lingerie designer holds a high waist panty from her collections looking at it

Vegan lingerie and swimwear, plus a dash of vegetarianism

Curious about my commitment to vegan lingerie and swimwear? I've been a dedicated vegetarian for 25 years and am on the ever-challenging path to becoming a full-fledged vegan (recommendations for vegan cheeses are highly appreciated!). No animals were harmed in the making of my lingerie and swimwear creations and I'm passionate about this lifestyle and how it translates into my creations.

A battle with eczema and a quest for allergy-friendly fabrics

My lifelong battle with eczema has made me particularly mindful of materials suitable for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Sourcing the right (nickel-free) materials is a meticulous process, including the practice of washing each fabric before I work with it. Your comfort and well-being are paramount in every stitch I create.

Daniela Paradeis the lingerie sits on her couch smiling, above a wall with inspiration pictures and moodboards

Kindness, giving back, and the planet

The "one tree planted" tree-planting project fills me with excitement, and I'm eager to share my involvement with you. For every order you place here, I will donate a tree at the end of the year. Head here to find out more.

The "Dare to Care" collections are also really close to my heart. For every piece you purchase from the care collection €5,- will be donated to a chosen cause.

During Covid I contributed to a dog shelter when you ordered a face mask. Buy a cosmetic bag, filled with lots of goodies and I will make a donation to Medica Mondiale. For every period panty you purchase, I will donate €5,- to Days for girls. Together, we can make the world a kinder place.

Join my journey

In a world where lingerie often perpetuates stereotypes, I'm determined to revolutionize the industry, proving that sexy lingerie can be empowering, comfortable, and body-positive. My journey is more than just design; it's a mission to redefine the perception of lingerie and empower individuals to embrace their true selves.

To explore my unique and empowering lingerie creations, I invite you to browse through my website and become a part of this inspiring journey.

Daniela Paradeis may be a one-woman powerhouse, and it might take up to 2 weeks (it is usually much faster, but don't get your hopes up to high and consider this when you need something for a "special occasion"). 

Got any questions you'd like me to answer? Don't be shy, drop me a line in the chatbox on the right bottom of this screen or send me an email to info@danielaparadeis.com. I'm always happy to hear from you!

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