The person who is Daniela Paradeis "the person" anyways you ask?

I will let you know quite a bit about me around here and will try to answer some of your questions you dropped on instagram or can always ask here in the chatbox down below on the right.

I will cover, why you won't be seeing much of me on social media or in videos (INFJ, HSP, empath and workaholic)...

I will tell you why my lingerie and swimwear is vegan and about me being vegetarian for decades (and a struggling vegan for a couple of years)...

I will tell you about me suffering from exczema since my childhood and why I try to find materials that are suitable for people with allergies and have very sensitive skin (and why I wash every single fabric before I work with it)...

I will also tell you about how the tree plant project with "one tree planted" excites me, that I donate to dog shelters and women's right charities (with your help!) and how we all could make the world a kinder place.

Since Daniela Paradeis is a one woman show run by a really busy woman who needs wine, chocolate and the right moment to write all this, it might take a while, until you can really read the whole story about me here.

Any questions you want me to answer in the meantime? Drop me a line, I am always happy to hear from you!