How did it all begin?

The decision to launch my own lingerie & loungewear brand came from the desire to create handmade pieces, reflecting the elegance and sophistication of a timeless, yet feminine aesthetic.

For years I have developed lingerie, which was produced in large numbers in the Far East. When I was later working on my Master collection in Florence, I had the ultimate bliss. Putting all my heart and soul into the creation of a product from my very first idea to the final presentation of each unique piece, without the restrictions of seasons: I wanted to work like that!
I decided to create a brand that reflects my love for detailed pattern cutting, fine handpicked materials and simply authenticity.
I wanted to make clothes for women who appreciate comfort, design and the exclusivity of limited collections.
Designed, developed and handmade with lots of love in Vienna, Austria.

Why lingerie?

With experiences in menswear, costumes, corporate fashion and accessories, I found my true passion in lingerie. The combination of design, functionality and fit is the ultimate fashion challenge.


How would you describe your style?

A classic, timeless look with a touch of Rock’n’Roll and a little bit of retro chic thrown in.

Who are you designing for?

I am lucky to have a lot of inspiring ladies around me, modern wonder women who I am thinking of, when I am designing. Women, who know what they want and like to treat themselves. They are interested in the arts, design and high fashion and have an appreciation for hand made and conceptual design, support local brands and independent designers.

I want to create a certain feeling when you are wearing my pieces. Like you could do anything, flirtatious and feminine, yet strong and confident. Your lucky charm for special occasions as well as a uniform for your everyday life!

The right underwear can make it happen!

Do you have a muse?

Classic, timeless icons, edgy ladies and age-less rebels inspire my designs.

I like the tongue-in-cheek flirtiness of Audrey Hepburns character in Charade or Grace Kellys played down desire for Cary Grant in To catch a thief.

I adore feminine, but strong ladies with this special attitude and a charming coolness.

What fabrics do you use and why?

Being a vegetarian for more than 17 years, I refuse to use materials made of animals. Sorry silk-lovers, this kind of luxury lingerie is sexy, comfy AND vegan!

The Products are manufactured from handpicked high quality materials sourced in Vienna, Paris and Munich. I solely work with fine, European fabrics and trims:

Mesh, embroidered Mesh, fine stretch satin and faux leather combined with nickelfree gold hardware and Swarovski elements.

I do not follow seasons. When I find a nice fabric, lace or trim, I use it for a limited collection, a special set or a unique piece.

Don’t despair when you can’t find a certain style in the shop anymore. It may return in a different fabric soon!

What do you do when you’re not thinking about lingerie?

I am a travel addict and love to go to places I have never been before. When I am not travelling, I am working on my to-do lists, planning my next trip, thinking about world peace and shopping online. I looove online shopping!

As a lingerie addict I have more bras than anyone else I know and have spent more money on lingerie than I would ever admit. Also I am a firm believer in matching and bras and panties and want to make world a tiny bit better.



Where do you create your pieces?

The complete collection is designed and manufactured made-to-order to the highest standards and quality in my atelier in Vienna, Austria. Please note, that this may take up to 8 weeks to reach you. Take extra care when you require the garment within a certain time frame.

Do you create bespoke lingerie for individual customers as well?

As an exclusive service for Austrian clients, I offer an ultimate bespoke service for custom made Lingerie, Beachwear and Loungewear (as well as wedding gowns and clothes for special occasions) in my studio in Vienna.

For more information have a look at my bespoke website: www.lingeriemanufaktur.at

Are there more questions you are curious about? Drop me a line and I will include your question in the interview above.

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