The mission day you will find everything you need to know about the brand Daniela Paradeis here: my mission, my passion, my why.

You'll read about female empowerment, feminism but also general empowerment (because everyone who wants to cover their precious bodies in fancy undies deserves a way to embrace it), (self) love, that my lingerie has nothing to do with girls seducing guys but rather people with boobs who simply want to feel spectacular. Just because. Just for them.

A friend recently told be that she's never been "ready" for my lingerie and needed some time to really be in the right mind set to wear it. When the time was finally here, the way the lingerie made her change her attitude, glow and aura was pretty impressive. So I might also write about that here and how much I love seeing people change their walk, when they're wearing one of my high waist panties or how they give presentations with a certain confidence, while wearing a harness hidden underneath their office outfit. 

This "mission" page will be dedicated to you and the way I want you to feel when you're wearing my lingerie (and swimwear). Since I am also crafting every single piece you can buy here (with a little help from my friends, but mostly alone), it might take a while until these words find this page, but drop by every now and then and you might be surprised one day!




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