Daniela Paradeis - The mission

 Daniela Paradeis designs handmade lingerie and swimwear on her desk


Crafted with love: Daniela Paradeis – Where every stitch tells a story

Welcome to the heart and soul of Daniela Paradeis, a haven where your journey to self-discovery and empowerment begins. Nestled in the realm of lingerie and swimwear, Daniela Paradeis is more than a brand—it's a one-woman business driven by a passionate mission to redefine how you feel in every carefully crafted piece.

They say it is handmade, but really it comes from the heart

As the sole creator behind each stitch and seam, Daniela Paradeis is not just a brand; it's an intimate expression of profession, passion, and purpose. The uniqueness of Daniela Paradeis lingerie & swimwear lies in the fact that every piece is meticulously crafted by a single pair of hands, ensuring that each creation is infused with a personal touch and dedication.

High Waist Panty in champagne lace with a skyblue harness on top

It's not called "intimates" for nothing

In a world where underwear is the first layer we put on each morning and the last we take off at night, I, Daniela Paradeis invite you to go beyond saving your exquisite pieces for special occasions. Lingerie, designed to boost confidence on a mundane Tuesday or provide support on a challenging Thursday, becomes a daily celebration of self-love and empowerment.

One woman, two hands, endless passion with a vision

The passion behind Daniela Paradeis extends beyond conventional boundaries, celebrating not just feminism but universal empowerment. Regardless of gender or size, every individual is invited to indulge in the luxury of embracing their precious bodies in fancy undies and rocking the beach in exquisite yet comfortable swimwear. It's not about seduction; it's about feeling spectacular, simply because you can, just for you.

Everything is made by the same pair of hands- sewing machines and overlock machines manufacturing lingerie and swimwear

An ever evolving journey

Behind the scenes, Daniela Paradeis is more than a business—it's an evolving artistic journey. Crafted with love and care, the website gradually transforms, mirroring the artistry that goes into each creation. Come by every now and then,  because you'll discover a delightful surprise waiting for you.

It is me behind sketch book, sewing machine AND email inbox

You're in need of support and don't know what pieces to choose? You're in love with an item but can't find your size? You've found something you like but have a special request? Every single piece is made to order, which means customization is easy. Drop me a message down below in the chatbox or send me an email (it ends up in the same inbox anyways) to info@danielaparadeis.com and I will be happy to help and answer all your questions.

Daniela Paradeis standing in front of a wall full of inspiration pictures and mood boards

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