FAQ Period Panties FAQ

Not another period panty...


Ok, it is not one, but two new period panties actually, but they are the last ones you will buy. Search no more, I got you covered!

After testing period panties for a couple of years now (8, to be more specific) I have teamed up with a dear business partner of mine who happens to conquer the world of making period panties. As I have tried and tested their terry-cloth lined MicroModal panties as their fitting model, I realized: these are the most perfect ones I have ever worn. They are super soft, as sustainable as possible (as black underwear that should not leak can be) and are perfect for those bloody hard days of the month. Never have I felt more covered, protected and comfy. Period.

I was in fact so in love with these products, that I wanted you to have them too. So I threw my plans -to only every manufacture the pieces you can order in my webshop myself- out of the window and decided to ask my partner to produce high waist and low rise panties with the highest absorbtion they can do. And there you have it: A tiny production of period panties from Hungary with love, made especially for you. Even more good news on a side note: as I do not sew them myself in my atelier in Vienna, they are slightly more affordable than my other pieces ❤️ 

Being part of the "Dare to Care" collection means that for every single piece €5,- will be donated to a charity organisation. #selfcare is important but don't forget to care for others: with buying a period panty, you support Days for girls! 

With everything period come a lot of questions, find most of them answered down below. If you want to know anything that is not covered here, slide in my DMs in the chatbox on the bottom right or drop me a line via info@danielaparadeis.com and I will be happy to answer all your questions and add my answers here as well.

Do the panties contain PFAS/flourine? NO.  

What about Silver? No silver, no chloride, no pyrithione zinc in these panties.   

Any biocides? NOPE    

Has there been any testing done, to ensure that the panties are free of any of the above mentioned chemicals and hormone disruptors? All materials are Oeko tex certifed.    

What are they made of ? How many layers do they have? THREE:

  1. The outer layer made of 90%MicroModal, 10%Elasthane feels soft and dry on the skin. Fluid is diverted in seconds. 
  1. The inner super absorbent layer made of 83% Polyester, 17% Polyamid terrycloth takes up the blood and seals it in, it is leak-proof, yet breathable.
  2. Leak-proof membrane layer made of 100% Polyurethane makes you worry free.

Is this considered as two layers: the outer fabric and the inner layer combined with the leak-proof? NO 

Is the Polyurethane oeko-tex certified?  YES

Is the Polyurethane layer breathable? No. If you want 100% leak proof, you have to have a non-breathable layer. Whatever others say, it would not work properly otherwise. The Polyurethan is covered by the very voluminous terrycloth layer (which is breathable though) so don't worry about your downstairs pussy cat.    

Where are the panties being produced? Hungary. Some brands call it "other European countries", I call it Hungary. Give them a little appreciation, they are working with lots of love and motivation.

Would it be accurate to say that they are able to hold up to around 50ml of fluid? Honestly I have been menstruating a lot in the last 25 years, I have no idea how much ml my panties/liners/tampons need to hold. They hold up to a lot of blood, but only you know how much is a lot for you and if you feel like changing panties, please do so before you feel uncomfortable.

Where will the donation for every panty go? Days for Girls is turning periods into pathways. They increase access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating Social Entrepreneurs, mobilizing volunteers and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigma and limitations for women and girls.

How should I wash them? Hand wash in cold water, then in the washing machine at 40°C and dry BEFORE the first time you use your period panties, to maximize the absorption capability.  You can wash the period pants at preferably 40°C machine wash, but can also go to 60°C if you feel safer. As for all your undies: please use an environment friendly detergent and put your lingerie in a washing bag! Please note, when washing at 60°C or higher, the panties will last a shorter amount of time due to the heat damage to the fibers. (Personal side note: I have allergies, eczema and overall super sensitive skin and a 30°C wash will also do) Do not use softeners or bleach to wash your panties, as it spoils the fibers in the fabric. Do not tumble dry your panties, rather stick to air drying them in fresh air instead.

How do I use them and how long can I wear them? I recommend wearing the panties up to 6-8 hours in a row (perfect for a night without leaking), before washing them again and changing into new ones. They can be worn max.12 hours, but I guess you know best when to change your panty when you menstruate.

How often and when should I change them? It all depends on each woman’s preference and level of period flow, but I generally use at least 3 per day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and then changing to a new one at night. Some wear the panties only for exceptionally heavy days and/or overnight support. This totally depends on you and how you feel most comfortable. Go with the flow and find your own timing for when to change and when to wear them.

They make a somewhat funky sound. Why? As they do not come with any softeners, the leakproof polyurethane layer can be a bit stiff first. After washing the panties you won't notice it again.

Can I throw them in the dryer? The panties are easily washable in cold water, then washing mashine and dry quite fast. When you wash them in the evening, they will most probably be ready for use the next morning.

I don't have my period anymore but I need support (when I sneeze or laugh...), can I also wear them? Say no more: the panties are so super absorbant that they are also tried and tested for bladder leaks.

The legs of the period pants feel a bit tighter than my regular undies, is this okay?The elastic fits snugly around the leg to protect from leaks, so if you're in between sizes or not sure if you're into a tighter leg band fit, I recommend sizing up.

Which size should I order? If you are not sure about which size to order, slide in my DMs in the chatbox or send me an email. Maybe the measurements of the models in the pictures might help you as well. I will add a couple of pictures of different models in different sizes soon!