The story

The story I will tell you a little bit about my experience in the lingerie and swimwear industry for more than a decade: Fast fashion, price dumping, shitty work environment and how all this made me want to create my own stuff, manufacture it myself, wrap it myself in tissue paper and bring it to the post office myself as well.

I will tell you about the warehouses I have spent hours in to find an awesome fabric, or about the suppliers I have worked with that sold (or even gifted!) me materials that they couldn't use for their own production. It will also be a story about a small, independent label, always struggling to find great qualitiy in the tiniest quantities.  

I will tell you where which fabric and material comes from and how I tried to create a business, that goes along with my sustainable lifestyle as well (no judgment here, no greenwashing either) Even if we all try only a little, we can make the world a greener place.

I will tell you, that I started my own label in 2015 to create season (and time) less pieces in the fairest conditions, with material that has not made it twice around the globe before it is processed to actual clothes, preferably made of local production surplus or dead stock to show that the material can be used for awesome new pieces after all and doesn't need to be buried in dust in a warehouse.

This "story" page will be dedicated to the things I have learned and how I want to use them to make a difference. For you, for me and for our planet.